closed-door policy

closed-door policy
closed-door policy ˌclosed-ˈdoor ˌpolicy noun [countable]
1. COMMERCE the practice of not allowing someone or something into your country, organization etc - used especially about limits on trade which make it difficult for foreign companies to do business in a country:

• From the 1960s the US maintained a closed-door policy toward the Cuban market.

2. the practice of refusing to discuss something with other people who do not belong to your government, organization etc:

• The Canadian Government adopted a closed-door policy on the issue.

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closed-door policy UK US noun [C]
COMMERCE the practice of limiting business with other countries, companies, organizations, etc.: »

The government's closed-door policy has made it difficult for foreign countries to import their products here.

the practice of refusing to allow people from other countries to travel in or move to your country: »

When Cuba announced it would let anyone leave who wanted to, the US administration reverted to a closed door policy, fearing an immigration tide.

the practice of doing things secretly and not letting the public know about them: »

As far as the press is concerned, we are adopting a closed-door policy.

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